Become an Individual Member

  1. Guidelines

    1. An application for membership will be considered if;
      1. The applicant is of good character and their business activities operate within the Associations Code of Conduct and Constitution.
      2. The applicant have no charges pending involving fraud or dishonesty or has not been convicted of or are found to have committed an offence concerning fraud or dishonesty in the previous 10 years.
      3. The applicant has not been refused any ASIC Licences or State based business operating licences.
      4. The applicant has not had membership of any professional organisation revoked or suspended.
      5. In accordance with the Disclosure section of the Code of Conduct all members, including any related entities, must demonstrate to PIPA in writing how all fees and commissions are disclosed to their clients.
      6. Information and or documentation requested is provided with this application.
      7. The individual applicant is over 18 years of age.
    2. Property Investment Advisers only:
      Those seeking to be classified under the Property Investment Adviser category must start the QPIA or relevant recognised industry qualification within 12 months of joining the association and have completed the course within 3 years of joining to maintain this category classification for membership.
    3. All applications will be assessed on a case by case and on merit by our Operations Department. If sort, final approval or refusal for membership is at the absolute discretion of the PIPA Board of Directors.


    Please be advised that ALL of the documents below are required. Please scan and email or upload. Applications received without this documentation cannot be processed and will be returned.

    • All sections completed
    • PI Certificate of Currency for relevant category of membership.
      Note: Currently not applicable for membership Property Investment Adviser until further notice
    • ID of applicant (eg drivers licence)
    • Personal details sheet for applicant
    • All documentation demonstrating how all fees and commissions are disclosed to prospective clients, including disclosure of all related fees and commissions paid to all related or interested parties. Note: PIPA is not seeking to understand the amounts of these commissions - this is private and commercial in confidence, PIPA just wants a record of the documentation provided to the prospective client you are seeking to professionally service
    • Completed and signed declaration (download file) and privacy consent (download file)
    • Payment method preferred

    Please upload or scan and email all required documents to:

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  27. Membership Details
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  30. Additional Search Locations
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  31. Category of Membership*

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    Additional costs apply to categories ticked above the allocated membership level amount.
  32. Please provide your proof of business activity or business qualifications within your chosen categories below:
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  41. Payment details
  42. A tax invoice will be provided via email upon receipt of your payment.
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  44. Please download the payment details file and email back to the office. Please do not upload your credit card details.
  45. Privacy Consent
  46. Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) complies with privacy laws in Australia and is conscious of handling sensitive information. Please read and indicate your understanding and consent to the privacy statement below and the PIPA privacy policy attached.

    1. I/we acknowledge that the personal information that PIPA collect about your organisation and individuals is used for;
      • processing your application for membership
      • recording and administering your membership
      • conducting market research in order to identify the needs of the PIPA membership
      • ensuring you comply as a member with the Code of Practice and By-Laws as set from time to time
      • investigating any complaint or matter involving your organisation
      • if the membership application is approved, PIPA may display your details on its website or in public lists of PIPA membership
    2. I/we acknowledge and consent to my/our details being provided to sources outside PIPA as may be required from time to time such as;
      • the Board of Directors and Executive Officers of PIPA
      • lawyers, accountants and bookkeepers engaged by PIPA from time to time
      • printers and mailing houses
      • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
      • government departments and agencies for the purpose of the development of property policy and to assist such departments and agencies with the development of industry standards
      • consumers and consumer groups
    3. I/we consent to the collection and use of my/our details as described above
    4. I/we acknowledge that I/we can obtain access to the details held by PIPA by contacting the Project Administration Manager on 02 4302 1624 or email or via the website or mail at PO Box 5400, Chittaway Bay, NSW 2261

    Download Forms:

  47. Please sign the provided documents and send to PIPA via email, fax or upload below:

  48. Signed privacy consent forms:
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    One file only. Please compact multiple files into a single pdf
  49. Signed declaration forms:
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  50. Disclosure Documentation:
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