Membership Fees and Classifications

Membership fees

Membership Level

Membership Fee
(per annum)

Classifications Individuals

Sole Trader/Individual


1 Category

1 Individual listed

Corporate 1-10
(total staff)


Up to 2 categories

Up to 2 individuals listed

Corporate 11-20
(total staff)


Up to 4 categories

Up to 4 individuals listed

Corporate 21-50
(total staff)


Up to 6 categories

Up to 6 individuals listed

Corporate 51-100
(total staff)


Up to 8 categories

Up to 8 individuals listed

Corporate 100+
(total staff)


Up to 10 categories

Up to 10 indviduals listed

Additional Fees
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 $150.00 per

Additional category or additional business location under same category

Additional individual listing

QPIA Membership



membership classifications

The level of membership you have selected will determine your category allowance. 

Trading Category Classification can only be granted with proof of business activity or business qualification within that category.  Individuals can be added based on proof of qualification within their nominated Category Classification.

For example: A business that wishes to be classified as a Financial Planning Practice would need to provide proof of AFSL licence or proof of authorised representation of AFSL holder. A business wishing to be classified as an educational provider will need to show proof of RTA status or course offerings or publication offerings to be reviewed by PIPA management to achieve an education and or research classification category (just running seminars or alike will not see you granted this classification as its for professional education, research or mainstream publications). 

Additional categories may be purchased for an extra fee. 

These are the Membership Category Classifications that are available: 

  • Qualified Property Investment Adviser (QPIA®) or Property Investment Adviser (PIA)*

  • Real Estate - Buyers Agent

  • Real Estate - Selling Agent

  • Real Estate - Project Marketing/Selling

  • Real Estate - Property Manager

  • Property Investment Marketeers

  • Mortgage Broker

  • Registered Tax Agent (Accountant)

  • Lawyers & Solicitors

  • Property Conveyancer
  • Financial Planner

  • Licensed Valuer

  • Licensed Builder

  • Building and/or Pest Inspector

  • Quantity Surveyor

  • Developer

  • Education & Research Providers

  • Lenders


* Important notes: Only a QPIA® or a PIA can provide personal property investment advice.

PIA's must obtain a QPIA® qualification or equivalent qualification as recognised by PIPA within 3 years of becoming a member and must start a course within 12 months of becoming a member and nominating the Property Investment Adviser category classification.